A Poem

Jun 3, 2019 12:54 AM

Lena said: Sven, when answering questions you bumble

Sven said :“Lena, that because you always mumble”

“Oh come on Sven - you don’t  hear me”

Sven said: “well then,  don’t talk unless your near me”

Once again Mary asked John to repeat

John  finds  it easier to retreat

Their TV is too loud, but Mary is too proud

John wanders off in defeat

Jack says “Kids today talk too fast”

Jill says “they spoke the same speed in the past”

she says “it’s you that has trouble

Jack, You live in a bubble. Won’t you do something about it at last?”

All these folks exhibit denial

the result puts their conversations on trial

Hearing loss isn’t a solo complication

it affects everyones participation.

Yet, for the patient that is not all-

hearing loss  causes isolation and withdrawal 

But , the Research is long, and the evidence is strong

seeking treatment can help them belong